About our business. Wolko Design Group was founded by Leslie Wolko in March, 2001 as a full-service design resource specializing in print and interactive communications. We provide services that range from concept to design and final production for print, web, and multi-media.

With decades of hands-on experience, our team creates communication strategies and tools that deliver results for a wide scope of industries, including healthcare, finance, communication, IT, education, food, travel, and retail.

Dedicated to building long-term business relationships and achieving creative solutions and strategies; we embrace each project with passion, core values, and commitment to providing customer service and support that exceeds all expectations.

What sets us apart? It's all about you! Simply put, our goal is your goal! We focus on creating a seamless relationship, rather than simply producing a seamless end-result. A long-lasting, collaboration between client and agency that enables us to embrace your business philosophy, understand your company's nuances, and guide you in exceeding your dreams.

Passion: We love what we do and it shows! We use creative innovation and cutting edge technology to create communication experiences that evoke emotion, compel consumers to take action, and take your business to a whole new level.

Customer Service and Support: You are our greatest asset! Our responsive and caring team guarantees service that goes beyond all expectations, instills confidence, and results in the ultimate client experience.

Core Values: We invest ourselves in your investment! Commitment, dedication, hard work, and honesty are not simply our tag-line, but our way of doing business. We take pride in our work and it reflects in the work we do for you.

Scope of Industry: Our multi-talented, experienced team enables us to establish a client base that includes industries that are as diverse as the services we offer. Creating and guiding projects that include healthcare, finance, communications, IT, education, food, travel, and retail.